Decolonize Wall Street

Another little reminder about the real estate:

Before the Dutch there was, is and forever there shall be the Algonquian Nation. The Canarsie People were of the Lenape tribe elders of the Algonquian lineage. Manhattan is Algonquian word meaning “Island of Hills” and Long Island was once called Paumonauk meaning “Fish Shaped Island”.


On May 4, 1626 at Shorakkopoch, on Manhattan ,Peter Minuit of the Dutch West India Company “purchased’ the Manhattan Island from the Canarsie People for a load of Cloth, beads, hatchets and other odds and ends worth 60 Dutch Guilders about 1 ½ in Silver. (60 Guilders=1 ½ pounds of Silver= $24 in the 19th century=$72 in 1992)


I keep thinking of the consequences, detailed in both South Park and Poltergeist, of building atop an Amerindian burial ground.



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