Maikel Nabil’s appeal postponed: “a death sentence”

The appeal in the case of Maikel Nabil Sanad, the Egyptian blogger who has been on hunger strike since August 23, was postponed for a week yesterday — allegedly because the case file never reached the judge.   It’s tempting to call Egyptian justice Kafkaesque; but Kafka, after all, had a sense of humor.

With the trial postponed to 11 October, Maikel’s family and supporters now fear the young activist may not make it.  “They didn’t postpone his trial, they sentenced him to death,” [his younger brother] Mark, on the verge of tears, said. “Do they want to kill him?”

Maikel is serving a three-year term for “insulting the army,” after publishing a blog post titled “The people and the army were never one hand.”  The military keeps on proving this is true:

Upon hearing the news, the small crowd of protesters outside the courthouse began chanting slogans against the SCAF and its leaders, Field-Marshal Hussein Tantawi and Chief of Staff Sami Anan.

During the demonstration, in which activists held banners aloft calling for freedom of expression, soldiers arrested Sahar Maher, an active member of the “Free Maikel Nabil” campaign, for taking photos and video of the protest on her mobile phone. A foreign journalist, who was also taking videos, was arrested along with Maher.

Authorities also confiscated a video camera belonging to a reporter with Iran’s Press TV and forced a journalist from the US-based Christian Science Monitor to delete all her photos.

Maher is expected to stand before a military court on Tuesday on charges of photographing military installations without official permission.

Once again: you can write to Egyptian authorities urging them to free him:

Director of Military Judiciary
Major-General Ahmed Abd Allah
Military Judicial Department
Cairo, Egypt
Fax: +(20)2 2 402 4468 / +(20)2 2 411 3452 (ask for fax)

Military Prosecutor General
Major-General Medhat Radwan
Military Judicial Department
Cairo, Egypt
+(20) 2 2 412 0980 (ask for fax)

Minister of Defence
His Excellency Muhammad Tantawi
Ministry of Defence
Cairo, Egypt ;
Fax: +(20) 2 2 5748 822  (+20) 22 291 6227

A sample letter is here, on a blog that also carries updates on Maikel’s health (Arabic and English).

You can also write letters of support to Maikel Nabil at:

Maikel Nabil Sanad
El-Marg prison

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