Love is the answer, and I forgot the question

This song is one of the crucial pop-philosophical moments of the 1970s.  It comes from Todd Rundgren and Utopia (though it was covered, and ruined, by England Dan and John Ford Coley a few years later), and is spliced together here with “The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” from the same album, a song that has something vaguely to do with William Blake but is really just sublime in a completely different way, like Armageddon reimagined as a block party where everybody smokes a lot of hash practically under the cops’ noses and a lot of people vomit in some nasty old man’s yard.

Mr. and Mrs. Universe
In their cabin in the sky
She’s a little bit of heaven
He’s a hell of a guy
And like all suburban couples they may have a spat
But that is that
It’s back to normal
And it’s your night to feed the cat

Let us raise a glass
And we’ll drink a toast
And the devil will dance
With the holy ghost
And the good and the wicked
The strong and the frail
They will all join hands
At the end of the world

apparently wasn't God

The 70s was a weird decade. I missed most of it, particularly the sex, which is probably why I am still alive. Todd Rundgren was one of its now-almost-forgotten icons, and there was a rumor going around back then that he was actually God. It appears that he wasn’t, but you can make out here why it was such an attractive idea.

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