Searches of the week, 1.14

One of the generous things about WordPress is that it gives you, every day, a list of “Search Engine Terms”: the phrases people Googled that led them to your blog. I find these endlessly fascinating, at the same time that they create a nagging discontent: for it’s evident that quite a few people, carried to these precincts by the omnipotent Google algorithm, went away disappointed, having found something quite different from what they were looking for. And in some cases, what they were looking for seems very … well, different indeed.  Here are my favorite search engine terms of the week. See if you can figure out what was going on in their brains.

hijra’s progress boobs medicine (Awful! Stop that!)

wearing lion’s skin coins

rick perry in jeans (Probably surprised by what they found)

rick perry sexy (Who thinks Rick Perry is sexy?  Who??)

pakistani gay torrent (What does that mean?)

can women over 50 get in shape again (How in hell should I know?)

this mustache has its own mustache

homoerotic cops  

syria fuck sex (I’m confused too)

did romania participate in the crusades (The answer is no, but you are asking in the wrong place)

hijra breast (Stop it! Stop it now!)

egyptian sex (Get your Egyptian sex here, cheap!)

turkish textile companies  

gay hips

brazilin sex (Egyptian is all we have in stock)

and my favorite, most cryptic:

roller girls symbol


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