Update: Film festival fires Mona Iraqi

Not in our sandbox: Logo for Shnit's "Cairo Playground"

Not in our sandbox: Logo for Shnit’s “Cairo Playground”

Shnit, the Swiss-based international short film festival, posted this on its website today:

As of its annual Council meeting on December 22th in Bern, the Board of Trustees of the shnit FOUNDATION, in accordance with Festival Director, has decided to exclute Mona Iraqi from the shnit International Shortfilmfestival immediately. shnit International Shortfilmfestival completely distance from and condemn the practices – professional and ethical – employed by Mona Iraqi as a TV reporter in the events of December 7th in Cairo. These practices are at utter odds with the principles of the shnit International Shortfilmfestival.

The Board of Trustees believes it is of great importance, however, to continue the shnit PLAYGROUND in Cairo, under new management and in line with the values of respect, tolerance and artistic expression without prejudice for which shnit has always stood. Commitment to these principles is a foundation of each and every PLAYGROUND and shnit’s management team around the world.

We thank again those who brought the issue to our attention, and to those who allowed us the due process to make an informed and considered decision.

Kudos to Shnit for doing the right thing, and rejecting Iraqi’s excuses and lies. Thanks also to all the people, in Egypt and beyond, who wrote to Shnit to complain about Iraqi’s unethical and immoral participation in gross human rights abuses.

Meanwhile, her victims are still in jail. It’s imperative to keep up the pressure on Iraqi. She has no place on the international cultural or journalistic scenes until the men she imprisoned are freed; until she apologizes for her role in this disaster and for her misrepresentations; and until the mass arrests targeting gay and transgender people in Egypt, which she’s done so much to further, stop.

6 thoughts on “Update: Film festival fires Mona Iraqi

  1. Scott, I appreciate your blog enormously. What is the best course for those of us in the U.S. who want to participate in the freeing of the men arrested on Dec. 7?

    Gil Zicklin Montclair State University, Sociology

    • Hey.as an Egyptian I’d like to thank you for expressing interest in helping those victims, indeed as American activists who believe in freedom and humanity values you can put a pressure on U.S. authorities to immediately sieze any cooperation with the current regime in Egypt, the current military regime im Egypt is suporting all forms of abuse, putting innocents in jail for no charges and according to false trials, Egypt is rapidly turning into a state of unjustice with total absence of law.

  2. Reblogged this on Hans Thoolen on Human Rights Defenders and commented:
    Scott Long and his colleague human rights defenders have done a stellar job in forcing the shnit FOUNDATION, to finally exclude Mona Iraqi from the shnit International Shortfilmfestival. It shows what a determined and well-informed blogger can achieve. Congratulations. It worth reading the whole series of posts leading up to this victory,

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