Bird, down to the wire

Lines from Leonard Cohen: Like a bird on the wire / Like a drunk in a midnight choir / I have tried in my way to be free

So you’ve stumbled back onto the Paper Bird website, and onto this page. Before you click off into the attractive distance, ask yourself: What are you doing here? Yep: It’s existential. I have some theories about what brought you here, or why you came back.

  1. You like good writing. You get it here.
  2. You like your sex mixed with radicalism, or your radicalism with sex. Good for you. And for your partner(s).
  3. You care enough about human rights to want a critical, not just congratulatory, viewpoint on how they’re used. And how they can be won. And made meaningful.
  4. You don’t just want to read a roster of abuses happening in the world. What you want to hear is why. 

I like to think that’s all part of this blog’s appeal. And if you’ve felt the same, consider pressing the PayPal button and giving what you can — $5, $20, $100.

Two days are left of our month-long fundraising appeal — it ends on June 5, my birthday. (Of course, you can give anytime; but you won’t be reading these requests all the time, thank God.) This blog is and will always be free as the wind, but your support will make it possible for us to grow: to bring in more diverse voices (and pay them), to do more research in more places.

Thanks for all you’ve done over the years — your readership and cantankerous engagement have kept this blog going. If you can give a bit more, please do.

If you like this blog, we’d be grateful if you’d pitch in:

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5 thoughts on “Bird, down to the wire

  1. 1. Absolutely
    2. Both ways
    3. That‘s it
    4. What I want to read is Paper Bird

    And for that I hit the PayPal button right away. You deserve much more, but that‘s all I can afford. Many thanks, Paper Bird. Blogs like yours keep my mind open and my brains thinking. Keep going, I will follow.

  2. My dear love,

    It is not just the most excellent prose, it is not just the content, nor is merely the style, nor the conclusions you draw and those that you allow the reader to draw. You inspire. You ferment self validation in others such as myself who on more than the occasion is in desperate need of such. Atop this,you make a material difference between life as well as betterment for many. For these I love and adore you very much.

    I would and will when able assist in the financial appeal to maintain your work, but I barely manage to take care of myself adequately sometimes, which is a damned sight richer than most, but poorer than the the threshold required to service the debt that I have to you. I should be over the shock of others soon after their suffering the torment of my evolving openly to Androgyne fem about a year ago and publicly a couple of months ago. But that is the wonder of people, they see what they subjectively wish until the evidentiality is greater than their capacity for self delusion/diversion. Self cauterization of the mind has its limitations, it is a pity ignorance and its symbiotic of arrogance does not.

    My thanx and most sincere of apologies.

    Jean Kisarl

  3. Wonderful words from Cohen and I do appreciate your thoughts too. It all adds to the richness of knowledge. So sorry at the moment I cannot help with money. Maybe if I sell my book……. When I finish it……

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