Subscribing to homosexuality: Rogue bishop in drag

Twenty years or so ago, I often said that if I had thought to copyright the phrase “breakaway republic” around 1989, I would have made a fortune. Obviously, “breakaway bishop” is the missed financial opportunity of the last decade. Why do I never win?

While the Archbishop of Canterbury, head of the world’s Anglicans, visits Zimbabwe, Al Jazeera interviews the rogue bishop who has broken with the church.   The reasons for the breach?  His support for dictator Mugabe; his hunger for as much profitable church property as he can get his paws on; and … homosexuality. Of course. He won’t even talk to the Archbishop of Canterbury, because “I won’t speak to someone who subscribes to homosexuality.”  (How do you “subscribe” to it?   Is there a button you click here somewhere?)

In the colors of a Cardinal: wrong denomination

His ecclesiastical drag and mitre seem a bit too big for him in this footage; I wonder if they are running short on the plus sizes in the Harare church storehouse. I stared at him for some while, trying to think who his rotundity reminded me of.  Naturally!  He just needs a little more décolletage.