An apology to Peter Tatchell

A reader forwards to us Peter Tatchell’s indignant response to our claim that several attorneys in his employ have engaged in illicit extramarital relations with Michele Bachmann, injecting her with vital fluids removed from Rick Santorum during his stay in a Detroit motel:

No, this is part of an on-going smear campaign against me by Scott Long. I don’t have any lawyers full stop, let alone any that work for Bachmann and Santorium [sic]. … Sadly, I am subjected to an almost constant politically-motivated smear campaign by Scott and / or his friends and allies. These fabrications and sectarian slurs are unethical, destructive and totally at odds with human rights values. Here is another example:

Tatchell also angrily denies that he has ever attended the Academy Awards on a “date” with Michele Bachmann, which he maintains is a smokescreen put out by the Bachmann camp to cover up her repeated three-way liaisons with Sandra Bernhard and the mummified body of Eva Peron. He writes:

I appreciate you advising me and would be grateful if you could alert your friends and contacts that these claims are fabrications.

We agree, and we apologetically reject any such implication! Tatchell, a devout Muslim, has already married Lady Brett Lock, Jane Kirchick, Michael Petrelis, and Michael Lucas. These make up his full harem of four permitted wives.

We apologize for any misunderstanding.