My foot is possessed by a spirit lesbian

Linda Harvey, not fully inflated

Linda Harvey, conservative talk-radio star and inflatable sex doll sold in shops across the country, except for Mississippi where she is prohibited by law, has warned of the danger posed to small children by health care workers who “proclaim a homosexual lifestyle.”

“Let’s say your 11-year-old has broken her leg rather badly and needs to be in the hospital a few days. Which would you prefer – a nurse who’s proud of her lesbianism, who has rainbow identifiers on her work clothing, or a nurse who does not?” …  She said parents should consider writing a letter to the pediatrician saying that if a child must be hospitalized, then he/she will not be treated by gay workers. “For routine in-hospital care where contact with your child would be required,” she continued, “your values should be respected.”

A broken leg is notoriously one of those cracks in the body where demon homosexual spirits can enter. The surest protection is to seal all your child’s real or potential orifices with dried-up oatmeal and Superglue (Superglue is also illegal in Mississippi).   Rainbow identifiers are devil stigmata, and the sharp pins used to attach them can also open up new skin portals for the spirits to come in. A child with a broken leg can thus end up with her limb possessed by a health care worker’s lesbianism. The child may wake from a coma to find her leg attempting to penetrate a vagina.  (We saw this on Marcus Welby in 1972.).

Just think, then, how much worse it could be if your boy child were in the hospital with a broken penis!

Linda Harvey, fully pumped

Linda Harvey plays Chair and Inflatable Cushion on the advocacy thriller Mission: Impossible, a regular series (Thursdays at 10 on Fox) in which, after receiving messages from the country’s last remaining 8-track tape, conservative fighters don rubber masks to render them indistinguishable from Barney Frank, and infiltrate Satanic child-murdering circles and the US Congress. Mission: Impossible offers information you will not see on Fox News, even.  As its website says,

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…” (Hosea 4:6 KJV) Mission:America is dedicated to bringing the truth to America, covering trends in the culture omitted by the mainstream media. In the midst of darkness, there is still great hope… in salvation through Jesus Christ.

Addressing me directly, along with my nurse and my personal trainer, the website emotes,

NOTE: If you have come here from a “gay” blog,and you consider yourself a fair person, please take every accusation with a great deal of skepticism. Virtually none of it is true.

We are not the “Klan.” we are not racists, we don’t “hate” homosexuals. We simply object to homosexuality, the behavior, which is unnecessary. And we spend a lot of time on this site pointing out why this is so ( if you care to read and be fair).

We don’t blame the mortgage crisis on homosexually-behaving people (someone does NOT know how to read); we don’t wish the death penalty on homosexuals (sigh!); we don’t believe all homosexuals are child molesters; and we don’t wish for kids who are sadly drawn into homosexual or “transgendered” behaviors to be bullied! …

And uninformed speculations about my personal life (Linda Harvey) are uncalled for and frankly, fall into the category of ad hominem attacks born out of desperation. None of these people know me, and I don’t know them (nor do I care to). It’s strange what people will do. I have an actually very full and wonderful personal life. God has greatly blessed me, and I am grateful every day.

But none of us has time to debate with people who just don’t care to read first and get the facts. Propaganda is an enemy to us all, and the truly intelligent person will read something other than shallow, vicious “gay” blogs.

I am not responsible for the mortgage crisis!  Other homosexuals are. Homosexuality is rightly called “unnecessary,” which is why I have sold mine on Craigslist to reduce my carbon footprint. And I like that sigh — or “(sigh!)”  But one has to be careful. Breathing with your mouth open, particularly in the presence of people wearing rainbow identifiers, allows the demon lesbian spirits to enter. Please mix 2 cups of Quaker Oats with 110 mg of Superglue, and begin eating. (Do not attempt in Mississippi.)