There’s nothing called “stupidity,” it’s called letting your mouth work while your brain goes on vacation

Lebanese parliamentarians debating a proposed new law on domestic violence have removed a provision that would criminalize marital rape. Beirut MP Imad Hout, a member of the subcommittee that voted the language out — and parliamentary representative for Lebanon’s version of the Muslim Brotherhood — falls back on a peculiar conception of the dynamics of the dictionary:

“There’s nothing called rape between a husband and a wife. It’s called forcing someone violently to have intercourse,” he told The Daily Star.

This is a wonderful moment in philosophy, when everything old is new again. Back in the Dark Ages, it was Islam and the distinguished ancestors of today’s Brotherhood that preserved Aristotle for future generations, while the West was scrambling around in dirty rags and eating spoiled potatoes turnips like extras from an early Monty Python film. And, in the classrooms of Paris and Bologna, Aristotle’s rediscovered books helped defeat the medieval school of Nominalism, which held that particular objects are real but abstract ideas aren’t. Thus, according to the Nominalists, the act of a man forcing a woman violently to have intercourse may, in a certain sense, examined analytically, be said to happen; but the name for it, “rape,” is just a conventional fiction, so much empty air. The cowardly and pragmatic compromises of Aristotle undid this nobly extreme world-view, and launched Europe on its downward trajectory toward debt, low birth rates, homosexuality, French hip-hop slang, and sexually unsatisfied wives that corrodes its moral fabric today. But Imad Hout happily is around to resurrect the old forgotten truths, verities that precede and supersede even the great ʾAbu l-Walid Muḥammad bin ʾAḥmad bin Rusd‘s contributions to human thought. “Marital rape” is just a word, and the law doesn’t punish words. Nothing to see here! Move along!

Of course, “Imad Hout” is just a name too, as are “member of Parliament,” “Beirut,” and “Lebanon” itself; hence all this arguing happens in something of a philosophical fantasy world, a paradise of vacuous abstractions, and all the married women getting raped are off in some other academic discipline, like sociology or automotive engineering or applied physics. But there’s already a page devoted to finding out what, under all the syllables, Imad Hout really is: There’s Nothing Called Imad Hout. Check it out and contribute to the investigation.

NB. It has been pointed out to me that medieval Europeans did not eat spoiled potatoes, since those (along with the unspoiled ones) were only introduced from Latin America after the Columbian conquests. They were much more likely to be gnawing turnips. So consider this: Europe got philosophy from the Orient, carbohydrates from the Americas. What exactly did Western civilization generate on its own? Marital rape and priestly celibacy; that is our heritage. Embrace it!  Defend it against the jihadists and the cultural relativists!  Be proud, O white people, of who you are! Imad Hout knows you better than you know yourselves.