Prison letter from Alaa Abd el Fattah

Jailed Egyptian blogger Alaa Abd el Fattah sends a second, self-lacerating letter from prison:

Let’s begin from the start: How are you? I am Alaa, a foot soldier in the revolution, there are those who sacrificed more than me, those who are much more courageous than me, and those whose role is much more important than mine.

I am Alaa, proud that I am doing what I can and sometimes surprise myself with what I am capable of. And I know myself and what I am not capable of. I try never to fail my commitments, I try to overcome fear always and I constantly try to be in the front lines at all times.

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لا للمحاكمات العسكرية للمدنيين No Military Trials for Civilians

A video giving voice to victims and opponents of the military courts Egypt’s junta uses to try civilians, stacked tribunals that repress both dissidents and the poor. Go to (Arabic and English) to learn more.