More video from Egypt

If you speak Arabic, go to the ONtveg channel on Youtube. (ONtv is a new, independent, liberal TV channel in Egypt.) In the long clips just posted, popular host Yosri Fouda is grilling the Central Security Forces (Amn el-Merkazi) officer who was in charge of the brutal attacks on protesters on Mohamed Mahmoud Street today. “Didn’t you think that one day you would be held accountable?” As bad as things are in Egypt right now, you realize a confrontation like this would have been unthinkable a year ago.

If you don’t speak Arabic: three gripping clips from Al Jazeera English. A summary of the violence on Mohamed Mahmoud Street today, explaining how it’s become the front line in this second stage of the revolution: 

Rawya Rageh has a longer, more detailed report on police violence in Alexandria: 

And a rundown of some of the amateur footage of police brutality that Egyptians have been capturing on cellphones and cameras. In one scene, a Central Security officer’s colleagues applaud him for shooting into a protester’s eyes.